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A Jeff Speakman 5.0 Franchise Charter School  


1740 E. Huntington Dr.
Duarte, CA 91010





"I have had the pleasure of knowing Maurice Gomez for many years and hold him in the highest regard. He’s an excellent martial artist who can both perform the art of American Kenpo and teach it as well. Having shared the mat with Maurice I can personally attest to his skill and knowledge. Aside from being an excellent martial artist, Maurice is a great friend as well, who I’m proud to have as my brother in the art. His attentiveness and genuine concern for his students is always apparent, which makes him not only a great teacher, but a great leader as well.Maurice is one of those instructors who understand that there’s more to the martial arts than the memorization of routines. He actually teaches the art with such sophistication and professionalism that his students have the opportunity to become great teachers as well."

Rich Hale
8th Degree Black Belt
President, Ohana Kenpo Karate Association

"If you want to learn Kenpo in an environment that is not only conducive to learning but also physically and intellectually stimulating, you've found the place. MG Kenpo Academy is bar none, the BEST Martial arts studio in the SGV. The prices are ridiculously low for the value of information you will receive here. The head instructor, Mr. Gomez is not only extremely knowledgeable but is very adept at performing the movements and techniques. He is effortless in thought and in motion. He never asks his students to do anything he would not do himself and practices what he preaches...a rarity in this day and age of the many 'martial art McDonald's' that are only concerned with turning a profit. I cannot say enough good things about MG Kenpo Academy, but don't take my word for it...see it and experience it for yourself."


"The classes at MG Kenpo are not merely a karate lesson, but an enlightening section towards your mind and body. Since MG Kenpo is a family size dojo, Master Gomez can focus on students one on one through regular class section. Master Gomez demonstrated an admirable degree of passion, knowledge and skills towards Kenpo. His moves are polished & professional and the students learned a lot from him. His teaching includes a wide variety of Kenpo School Teaching method, such as Old School Kenpo Training, New Conventional Kenpo class, Kenpo Technique Line, Basic Tranditional Karate and technique knowledge. He varied his class to be age appropriate for primary, middle and upper grade students and made good use of student participation. I highly recommend Master Gomez & MG Kenpo Academy to all kids, adults and Kenpoist."


"The change in my son over the past year has been tremendous. He has developed improved coordination and a more dedicated attitude regarding physical fitness, as well as increased confidence and a more positive mental outlook."

– Patricia

"I enjoy having Mr. Gomez as my teacher. He is always encouraging his students and makes us feel proud of every achievement, no matter how big or small. His class has a “family” feel to it."

– Chris

"Blessed to have stumbled across this studio. The instructor deserves 10 stars for his teaching. My faith in martial arts instructors has been restored."

-Marilyn A.

"Get ready to train hard with a serious instructor, Maurice teaches the system the way it should be thought . People there are great and helpful,great studio and plenty of room."

-Tony A.

"2012 marked 18 years of traning and teaching in the martial arts.  I had come to an impasse and needed to fill a void.  This void was filled by American Kenpo.  Mr. Maurice Gomez was the man I chose to be my teacher and I've never regretted that.  His humility, vast knowledge and experience, coupled with his deadly skill were all I needed to know that I chose the right man--but I got a bonus, not only did I receive the proper guidance a martial arts teacher needs to give, I now have a great friendship as well.  I highly recommend Mr. Gomez.  He is simply, a top notch individual and martial artist."

Sensei Gerry Valido, Chief Instructor



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