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Mr. Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
4th Degree Black Belt
Chief Head Instructor

Mr. Maurice A. Gomez Sr. is currently a 4th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate. His expertise has been recognized by the Los Angeles Police Department and was invited to be a member of their Professional Advisory Board, back in 2014. After several workshop's with the training division as a guest, Mr. Gomez was offered a permanent position as their Tactical Self Defense/Use of Force Instructor and has played a crucial role with their LETAC training methods. He is currently training under Sensei Antranig Anto Parseghian in the Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 System. Mr. Gomez not only trained with many other notable black belt instructors in the system, but continues to surround himself and his students with a wide variety of Kenpo’s foremost prominent instructors. Mr. Gomez has proven himself to be an influential and effective martial artist, who has gained the respect of his peers locally, nationally and internationally. Since childhood, Mr. Gomez has always been influenced and intrigued by the martial arts. Mr. Gomez's initial exposure to the martial arts started when he was a child with a group called Sam-Pai-Kenpo out of Huntington Beach, CA. However, seeing the magic of Kenpo direct from American Kenpo Founder, Mr. Edmond K. Parker Sr. himself, Mr. Gomez realized that his passion for the martial arts would be a life-long journey and dedicated each day to reading, studying and learning the system of Kenpo. Over the course of many years, Mr. Gomez has had the opportunity to also train in several styles of martial arts. This, in turn, has provided him with a vast knowledge to share with his students. He currently offers regular classes to men, women and children of all ages including FREE quarterly women’s self-defense classes.

“I remember seeing Mr. Edmunk K. Parker Sr. for the first time. I never seen anyone move the way he did. I wanted to be like him, there was something about magical about him that intrigued me . . . and something sparked inside; It was the Flame that ignited inside of me…and 'till this day, the flame still burns!”

Official Martial Arts Journey & Major Highlights:

1994:  Mr. Gomez joined Ed Parkers Kenpo Karate School in West Covina, CA under IKKA representatives, Steve Johnson & Charles Gonzalez in June of 1994.

1995:  Trained in Red Dragon Karate in West Covina, CA under Sensei Michael Ashley.

1996:  After graduating from high school, Mr. Gomez’s training was somewhat more diverse, studying various martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, boxing as well as Kenpo informally. This was both a rewarding time and a challenging one. In order to pay for his martial arts training as well as his formal education, Mr. Gomez would often compete at local boxing gyms in the Los Angeles area, sometimes for as little as twenty dollars a bout.

2002:  At the age of 23, Mr. Gomez experienced many life altering events and viewed life in a whole new way. In light of these events, on June 1st 2002, Mr. Gomez decided that it was time to go where history was made and legacys were born and signed up at the world famous Ed Parkers Kenpo Karate studio in Pasadena, CA,. At that time was the Headquarters of the International Kenpo Karate Association, taking full advantage of the their thursday night group sparring class and friday night technique line ran by Mr. Frank Trejo. It was in this class Mr. Gomez honed his superior fighting skills."I remember the techniques lines & sparring classes like they were yesterday, I was usually the only white belt on the floor while everyone else were upper belts or mostly high ranking black belts. Although I had a little previous martial arts experience, those kenpo guys pushed me to limits I never thought was possible....I was always amazed at the speed and power of Kenpo. I learned very early that "To Feel, is the Believe" and I couldn't wait till I was good enough like those guys were." During this time, Mr. Gomez was primarily training under the guidance of Head Instructor, Mr. Rich Verdejo, & Chief Instructor, William Kongaika. It was also during this time while refining his logic with Kenpo and expanding his horizons, Mr. Rich Verdejo introduced Mr. Gomez to Filipino Combat Systems which consist of Filipino Knife & Stick fighting headed by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. Mr. Verdejo & Mr. Kongaika were one and will always be some of Mr. Gomez's greatest influences in Kenpo. They helped paved a road for Mr. Gomez.

2004:  Early in Feb of 2004, sadly the famous Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate Pasadena school closed its doors, but Mr. Gomez continued to train in American Kenpo under the direction of 8th degree black belt, Mr. Rick Jeffcoat, of Scholar & Warrior Kenpo Karate in Pasadena, CA, training each day there as an orange belt until receiving his green belt. This was a crucial time period, because Mr. Jeffcoat gave Mr. Gomez a solid foundation and helped pave the path of further learning. During this time, Mr. Gomez also continued to train with Rich Verdejo & William Kongaika privately.

2005:  Later in 2005, as a green belt, Mr. Gomez decided to re-join forces with Mr. William Kongaika forming MAX Dojo American Kenpo Karate in Diamond Bar, CA. Mr. Gomez became a large part of the MAX Dojo instruction and training as he quickly transformed to one of the schools most influential instructors. He taught many men, women and children of all ages helping each one of them realize their potential and accomplish their goals including Mr. Parker's grandchildren. Under the guidance of Mr. Kongaika, Mr. Gomez went on to great success, as it was Mr. Kongaika who Mr. Gomez credits with instilling the essence of his speed, fluidity, power & energy. The harnessing of this speed and power is just one of the many things Mr. Gomez’s Kenpo is most known for. Mr. Gomez greatly benefited from his training with Mr. Kongaika and respected him as a personal friend and an instructor.

2007:  In Jan, 2007, Mr. Gomez converted a portion of his home into an martial arts school teaching Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate changig the lives of many children, teens and adults who joined his classes. It was in this garage that Mr. Gomez put in long hours of training time as well as helping other Kenpo Black Belts who came to him for assistance. Mr. Gomez became known as the "go-to guy" Not only would he teach you "how"...but "why". He was greatly respected by his peers and admired for his abilities.

2008:  On Oct 1st 2008, after completing over 2000+ hours of teaching time, Mr. Gomez’s knowledge both mentally and physically were put to the test as Mr. William Kongaika happily promotes Mr. Gomez to 1st Degree Black Belt.

2009:  On Sept 26th, 2009 Mr. William Kongaika promotes Mr. Gomez to 2nd Degree Black Belt

2011:  Mr. Gomez officially names his private Martial Arts school in Monrovia, "MG Kenpo Academy" and at the same time, realizing the need to refine his skills and study the art in a more in-depth aspect, With the blessing of Mr. Kongaika, Mr. Gomez discontinues instruction with MAX Dojo and joins forces with the Ohana Kenpo Karate Association under the guidance & mentorship of 7th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Rich Hale.

2012:  On Jan 14th, 2012, Mr. Rich Hale promotes Mr. Gomez to 3rd Degree Black Belt. It was on this day that Mr. Rich Hale and Mr. Gomez organized one of the largest Kenpo seminiars in Pasadena CA called "The Power of American Kenpo". They showcased 8 of the some of the most prominent Kenpo instructors in the world today.

2012:  In Feb, 2012, Mr. Gomez opened up his commerical school in the City of Duarte and was the new home of MG Kenpo Academy. Unfortunatly, due to unforseen circumstances, he was forced to close his doors after a few short months. However, Mr. Gomez didn't let this setback stop him. With the support of his students, student parents and family. Mr. Gomez decided to re-open in the City of South El Monte and offer classes once again keeping the spirit and flame alive.

2013:  Mr. Gomez expands his horizon even further by joining the Jeff Speakman 5.0 Kenpo Studio in Pasadena, CA and the AKKS organization under the guidance of 6th Degree Black Belt, Sensei Antranig Anto Parseghian. Although still an active student under Mr. Rich Hale and the OKKA in the Ed Parker system, Mr. Gomez joined the Speakman 5.0 system of Kenpo so that it will tremendously improve his knowledge of Kenpo even further by adding to his regime the 5.0 concepts and strengthen what he already been taught over the years. Mr. Gomez's motto is: "You want to be the best, you have to train with the best. Not singling myself to just one way keeps me open-minded, keeps me energized and provides me with MUCH more information to be able to pass down to my students, so that they can be the best they can be as well."

2014:  In April 2014, Mr. Gomez teams with Michelle Fanara and Villari Martial Arts Studios sharing a studio teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate in the City of Duarte.

2014:  In Oct 2014, Mr. Gomez accepted employment with the Los Angeles Police Department as their Law Enforcement Tactical Self Defense Instructor. This was a huge honor for Mr. Gomez.

2016:  In March of 2016, Mr. Gomez officially signs MG Kenpo Academy as an official Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Franchise Charter School.

2016:  On May 15th, 2016, Mr. Rich Hale promotes Mr. Gomez to 4th Degree Black Belt.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Multi-time Internaltional Karate Champion as both, a self-defense and full contact sparring competitor capturing over 60 1st place championships

  • World Top 10 ranked competitor, making him one of the most skilled competitors in Southern California. With over 36 continuous sparring fights as an adult, Mr. Gomez has only been defeated once.

  • Helped students achieve great success in martial arts competition as well as in the art of American Kenpo.Notable Accomplishments

  • Recently featured in NBC Latino, Univision and LA Times about his women’s self-defense courses.

“I’ve tried it all: Tae-kwon-do, Boxing, Kenpo, wrestling, Filipino arts and anything else that came to my door-step. I can't help but look at all of these systems with an analytical eye, thanks to Kenpo, and I'm grateful for this. This allows me to perfect the movements and tailor it accordingly to my needs.The Martial Arts is a journey that cannot be limited to a single style. It's like a musician learning only one type of music and not broadening its knowledge in other styles...”

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